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This site aims to curate your journey along the mountain roads at the very heart of rural Japan. Allow me to select the very best of what Yamanashi has to offer. It doesn’t take much imagination to picture times long forgotten on these serendipitous adventures.

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At work in Japan

Click on the link below to see the location of Yamanashi in relation to Tokyo and the surrounding area. Yamanashi Prefecture borders Tokyo, Kanegawa, Shizuoka, Nagano and Saitama. The main city of Kofu is about 90 minutes from Tokyo (Shinjuku Station) on a regular express train. It takes about 2.5 hours to drive to Kofu from Haneda Airport. You can also access Yamanashi from the Shinkansen line (bullet train) that runs through Shizuoka. You would have to get off the bullet train and take the Minobu Line from Fuji Station. There are also highway buses from various cities. You can easily catch a bus from Shinjuku Station for around 2,000 yen. For real diehards, you can walk from Nihon Bashi to the foot of Mount Fuji, just as people did in the Edo Era.

Yamanashi Location Map


 At home in Japan