Goyashiki (Persimmon Village)

Goyashiki is a small enclave at the top of a hill in the Koshu area of Yamanashi. In addition to having a couple of very attractive temples (Erin-ji and Hoko-ji), it also boasts a functioning waterwheel and orchards full of persimmons.


The gate to Hoko-ji Temple


Young people come to Hoko-ji Temple to pray for love.


The waterwheel is surrounded by persimmon trees.


A typical scene in Goyashiki

Many of the homes in Goyashiki maintain a traditional appearance and I found one that has been preserved in its original tsuchikabe (mud-walled) state.


A traditional tsuchikabe (mud-walled) house

If you visit in November, you will see hoshigaki (dried persimmon) hanging under the eaves of many homes. This village is an attractive setting for two very beautiful temples.


Goyashiki is famous for its dried persimmon.


The persimmons are left to dry (protected from rain) for about a month.


Dozens of orchards in the area produce dried persimmon for the local market.


I couldn’t resist taking a picture of these beautiful pomegranates.


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