The Path not Taken

Have you ever reached a fork in a road where you had to decide which path to take? Life doesn’t allow the luxury of following each and every path. That nagging feeling that you may have missed out always lurks somewhere in the background.


On many occasions, while travelling abroad, I have had that nagging feeling that just around the next corner is something that may be the highlight of my entire vacation. This obsession of mine has often made my travelling companions quite frustrated. The Pyramids, the Eiffel Tower and the Roman Colosseum are no-brainers. Of course you have to see these sights if you have a chance. However, I personally prefer serendipity. I love stumbling upon a gem that very few tourists have ever seen or experienced, don’t you?  It is this very same nagging feeling that keeps compelling me to explore the mountain roads in Japan. Please continue visiting my blog so that I may share my discoveries with you.


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